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100% Enjoyment

A magazine for Seniors like no other

No News, No Issues or controversies, No ads...

and we're in Large Print to make it easier on the eyes!


About SHL

Seniors Happy Life is an all-new monthly publication designed to appeal to older people, especially those who have to contend with circumstances where frequent feelings of isolation, loneliness and boredom exist.
Seniors Happy Life Pty Ltd is an independently owned and operated company based in regional New South Wales. Our mission is “To improve the quality of life of older people” and our magazine is one of the components we’ll use to achieve that.
Seniors Happy Life is not like any traditional newspaper or magazine, it has been specifically concepted to appeal to those people in their later years, those who are either cared for in aged care facilities, live in retirement villages or live at home but utilise various services to help them manage. Beyond these groups, the publication also has appeal to other seniors who don’t face the same challenges as those mentioned, but still appreciate an enjoyable read and seek a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. 
Seniors Happy Life provides readers with 100% enjoyment and includes a variety of enjoyable reading with topics, features, challenges etc., all designed to entertain seniors while helping fill in much of that time when feelings of isolation, loneliness and boredom would otherwise raise their heads. We feature larger print which is easier on the eyes, and carry no bad news, no controversy and no display advertising.

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