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Table Mates

Good Company (Table Mates) has been especially concepted to provide aged care facilities, retirement villages and other places where older people gather, with something to include or add to other available time-consuming activities, entertainment or enjoyment options. 


Good Company is a simple, inexpensive, yet innovative 20 page printed resource that will provide older people with something to amuse themselves with during those times when some people-company is preferred, but not available. Good Company is quite unique and will surprise and delight those who enjoy reading newspapers, magazines, books etc.

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Good Company is none of these, but the (different) content style will provide readers with a good deal of amusement and enjoyment.  The content is entirely made up of articles and reading that older people are known to enjoy. Stories about other older people who have done interesting things, stories from our past, nostalgic photos and history, interesting trivia, sentimental pieces, a few laughs, plenty of good humour and more.

New issues of Good Company will be added and become available for purchase on a regular basis, so please check the website from time to time for these.

How it works...

  • Each issue of Good Company will feature 20 x A4 numbered pages in colour.

  • These pages will ready for download when purchased.

  • You can then print them back-to-back onto 10 sheets of A4 copy paper.

  • Your purchase allows you to make as many copies as you need, without any additional cost.

  • The printed sheets can then be stapled together or inserted into an inexpensive plastic (display book) folder with appropriate clear sleeves.

  • If using plastic folders with sleeves, future issues can be added to the same folder(s).










Good Company can then be placed at your discretion, such as on dining tables, coffee tables, in recreation areas, reading rooms, waiting rooms…. wherever older people congregate or relax.


Issues of Good Company can be purchased as a one-off purchase of $44 (includes GST).

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Current editions available

(click edition to view details):

Single issue $44 inc GST


CLICK HERE to read Issue 1 in
FULL online for FREE!

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