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Seniors Happy Life Magazine is a very unique and specially-designed publication, its purpose being to provide older people with hours and hours of amusement, entertainment and enjoyment.

The content features 40 pages of ad free stories about inspiring people, interesting historical stories, lots of memories and nostalgia, great photos taken in modern times and from our past, sentimental items, puzzles, laughs and more. There is no news or issues. The content is also not time sensitive so each magazine can circulate indefinitely.

Another unique feature of Seniors Happy Life is that all issues are printed in LARGE PRINT.

Seniors Happy Life, although gaining countless accolades from readers, failed to generate the amount of National publicity needed to make it a viable proposition. Seniors Happy Life is no longer published, however previous issues are still available, and every issue offers countless hours of enjoyment and activities.

Twelve monthly issues were produced between December 2022 and 2023, and copies of all previous issues are still available for purchase.

Buy a Sample or Variety Pack!

For individuals, aged care and retirement village facilities, we still offer the following Sample and Variety Packs of previous issues.
Each issue won’t date and will still provide hours, even days of
entertainment for an indefinite period.

Sample Packs
Choose 3 copies for $14. There are 3 packs to choose from featuring 3
different issues.
Or 12 copies featuring 3 each of four issues for $48.

Variety Packs

Choose a variety of 12 different issues for $48.
Or a variety of 50 issues featuring copies of all current issues for $140.

To place an order: Click on the Sample Pack of your choice
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